Solo is an advanced e-commerce package that features:

The package is built in well-secured XHTML and all of the styling is done in CSS, allowing a site's look and feel to be changed independently of the actual content. All processing of credit card numbers is handled by the payment provider and never used or stored by Solo, eliminating a major security worry.

Behind the scenes a fully-featured Admin area lets you specify orders, categories, postage rates and all the other data items that control the site's content.

Solo maintains counts of the number of views and number of sales of each product, allowing you to judge the popularity of your products and how often view convert to sales.

Solo comes as an add-on for Epic. It costs a little extra but gives you a top quality shoppping cart to let you move away from the likes of Ebay with its listing fees, meaning that it can save you money in the long term. All you need is a domain name that we can point at your integrated Solo-Epic solution.

If you want to gain the competitive edge from using Solo and would like to get a quote, please get in touch with us through the contact form. The quote will include all the work needed to customise it to your requirements and hosting on our own servers.

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