We offer a friendly, helpful web hosting service based on the LAMP (linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) platform. The servers are based in the UK, a speed advantage for those whose visitors are expected to be from the UK or Europe. We don't compete on price, we leave that to the huge faceless corporates. The following are the packages we offer. If none suit you, contact us with you requirements and we'll put together a custom one and a quote.

  Basic Pro Elite
Webspace 1Gb 2Gb 5Gb
Monthly data transfer 1Gb 5Gb 10Gb
E-mail accounts 10 20 50
mySQL databases 2 5 10
Sub-domains 5 10 20
Parked domains 2 5 10
Monthly price (GBP) 5.00 10.00 15.00
Yearly price (GBP) 50.00 100.00 150.00

Webspace is the amount of disc storage you'll need for your site, typically you won't need much, an ordinary site will often use just a few Kb. You may need more if you have a lot of .mpeg sound or video files for example.

Data transfer is how much data you squirt down the telephone lines in a month, sometimes incorrectly called bandwidth, and will depend on how big your files are and how many hits you get on your site.

E-mail accounts is the number of accounts you can set up using your domain name, e.g. if your domain is asdfghjk.com, you would be able to set up jack@asdfghjk.com, jill@asdfghjk.com and so on up to the limit on your scheme.

You may need a database for an application you write or to install one of those that come free with our hosting such as blogs or dicussion boards. We recommend mySQL, an open source, fast performance, highly reliable, easily scalable database system (and, best of all, it's free!).

Sub-domains let visitors go to specific parts of your site directly: if you stored a bunch of music files on your site, people could get to them at http://music.asdfghjk.com, say, instead of going through your homepage at http://www.asdfghjk.com.

Parked domains are additional domains pointing at exactly the same site, a common example might be someone wanting both http://asdfghjk.com and http://asdfghjk.co.uk to take people to their site.

All our accounts also feature:

Please note we don't host porn sites due to their excessive bandwidth requirements. Neither will we permit illegal material, including but not restricted to terrorism, hate sites, malware, spamming or any files that breach copyright.

If you'd like to get your site online with us, please get in touch through the contact form.

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