Epic provides you with:

Epic's very 'no-frills' in appearance, built for speed and without impediments to the visually-disabled. The database-driven system's geared to holding large numbers of products, orders and customers and to letting you find them quickly. Access is controlled by username and password, keeping your data confidential with automatic logouts after an hour's inactivity, to prevent one of the commonest form of intrusion, the unattended, logged-in computer. All records of any kind are tagged with their creation date and the name of the person who created it, and also the most recent change is similarly recorded.

While having a stong degree of interoperability, e.g. when you're examining a product, you can see the orders for it and then from the order you can view the customer's details, a "breadcrumb" menu lets you know where you are in the system at any time and lets you retrace your steps. The system's easy to use, and even those people who struggle with computers soon find their way with it.

See some sample screen grabs (click on an image to see the full-sized version in another tab or window):

So, is Epic right for you?

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